Shipping Administrator (English version)




40 uur

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Fulltime 40 hours per week

Westfort processes 250,000 tonnes of pork products each year. We sell these to regular customers in our three main sales areas: the Netherlands, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In the role of Shipping Administrator, you handle the logistics process and the accounting records. Your work continuously switches between interactions with customers, our sales people, planning, production, financial administration, and the carrier. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that, as a Shipping Administrator, you operate as the proverbial – and totally indispensable – lynchpin.

You and your colleagues assist our sales people, and ensure that all sales outside the Netherlands are properly processed and scheduled in the accounting records. You monitor operational progress and compliance with payment arrangements. Regarding sales outside Europe, you also prepare/verify the appropriate veterinary and freight documentation. You also:

  • Process international sales orders in the ERP system;
  • Keep in touch with customers by telephone and mail;
  • Manage transport (sometimes by ship) by a transport/shipping company;
  • Inform the cold stores and shipping companies involved about the loads, and provide the order and product information required to prepare the veterinary and freight documentation correctly;
  • Inform customers about the shipping details, such as the dates of shipment and arrival;
  • Prepare the invoices or proforma invoices;
  • Monitor compliance with the existing payment arrangements concerning release for loading;
  • Verify the draft documentation for loading;
  • Send the final documentation to the customers;
  • Assist your colleagues from Goods Administration and/or the Sales Department.

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